Online Banking in Trinidad & Tobago

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What is online banking in Trinidad & Tobago?
Online banking, also known as internet banking, describes online systems that provide users access to their personal bank account information and functions, including but not limited to account transactions and balances.

With the rise of digital-only companies and fintechs launching their own mobile payment platforms, banks soon have found themselves competing within a rather crowded marketplace. As mobile banking apps become more prevalent, banks and financial institutions can take advantage of the mobile platform as their marketing opportunity. While service approach may be enough for providing the essential functionality, only the marketing mindset will help a bank to lead the market keep reading to see how Online Banking in Trinidad & Tobago works.

Today’s online banking customers enjoy instant access from their computer or mobile device to a full range of services, allowing you to:

Check balances on accounts and view records of your transactions
Pay bills automatically each month with easy-to-set-up auto payment
Transfer funds between accounts
Download or print statements for your tax or personal records
Access your account 24/7

Basic apps like online banking with First Citizens
Basic apps allow following the “we-too” strategy to keep up with mobile banking adopters or to experiment on the market with low risks. For this, we can deliver the following basic mobile banking features:

Account management

Account management to check account balances and transaction history

Money transfer

Money transfer to another person and between the owner’s accounts at different banks, with the option of an instant transfer


GPS-navigation to find the nearest service point or ATM

Mobile RDC

Mobile RDC to check deposits using a mobile device camera

Payments scheduling

​Payments scheduling to make regular payments and pay bills in a snap

Customizable alerts

Customizable alerts to receive text, email and push notifications (account alerts, bill pay reminders, security alerts), and more

The top five main online banking offerings in Trinidad & Tobago are;

1) Online banking with first Citizens
2) Online banking with RBC
3) Online banking with scotia
4) Online banking with Republic
5) Online banking with JMMB

Stay tuned for the next article on how can banking apps be improved.

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