Ocey’s Failures

Ocey’s Missed Shots

Ocey hopes that his failures can be used as the lighthouse for those that come after him whether it’s a journey of life or entrepreneurship. Use this light to make an impact.
  • Ocey Phillips Consultant In Guyana

    November 30, 2019 - Failed Scaling In Guyana

    Ocey met the challenge of culture VS Strategy & culture won when he attempted to grow a company in Guyana. Learning some new strategies and partnerships he is ready to take over South America with is new initiatives.

  • Throughout my career, I have applied the same skill set to companies at various stages of development – identifying an untapped market, building a world-class team, and executing a clear strategic plan.

    October 26, 2018 - Planting Seeds Pitch

    Ocey Was unsuccessful in his pitch attempt to investors on Season 3 of the planting seeds show. His Pitch was about a logistics platform that aims to solve a really tough problem in the region. https://plantingseedscaribbean.com/watch

  • ales Tech Solutions helps organizations grow their sales with pace and purpose. We hire and lead results-oriented “sales as a service” business development teams and support them with exceptional lead generation marketing – using our proprietary territory management methodology to generate leads, build pipelines and increase sales for our clients.

    April 1, 2018 - SaleTech Solutions

    Sales Tech Solutions aim was to help organizations grow their sales with pace and purpose. We would have hired and lead “sales as a service” business development teams in an attempt to build pipelines and increase sales for our clients. Because Ocey didn’t know what he didn’t know things did not go as planned. Stay tuned for the video.

  • We aim to provide world class end to end (E2E) concierge solutions for consumer-to-consumer, business-to-consumer ,business-to-business sales and various other services via e-commerce, operations, & consultation. We help assist merchants with the procurement of products from e-caribbean sourcing. Our focus is centered on making quality available with reliable service at a reasonable cost. We offer basic concierge service packages which includes procurement, product quality checks, warehouse storage, order consolidation, repackaging, and global shipping. You can avail all services for a minimal fee!

    April 1, 2017 - Sourcing Concierge

    Sourcing Concierge Was to be the support arm of a global ecommerce company called E-Caribbean Sourcing, After things didn’t go as planned Sourcing Concierge did not last much longer. Video Coming soon with a further explanation.