Ocey took Inifye Technologies a digital agency from an Idea and grew it to become a global company. A fully digital company since 2018 with offshore teams as far as India, Pakistan, and Indonesia, Ocey managed to work in every continent in the world and set up major hubs for strategic purposes. Scaling staff from just 4, to a compliment of 36 staff all over the world.









Who is Inifye? A digital agency

We blend innovative practices, new-gen technologies, user experiences, engaging interactions, and relatable human touch to the digital sphere that permits the brands to pace with fast-evolving consumer behaviors and preferences. With Digital Transformation, Digital Disruption also comes practically in all industries/sectors. Presently, the digital economy offers an unparalleled opportunity to envisage and build innovative new solutions, services, and experiences tailored to stay ahead of developing customer demands.

The proliferation of new technologies like mobile, cloud computing, IoT, Voice Assistance, AR, VR, and AI is transforming customer behavior and disrupting market places. As a result, our digital approach for marketing practices is also evolving.

To engage with today’s connected consumers, we cannot use yesterday’s approaches. Inifye transforms startups and enterprises to take advantage of the same technologies that are transforming consumers’ behaviors. We design personalized and customized solutions with an end-to-end perspective. Starting all the way with customer understanding and insight- to coming up with unified brand experiences and engagement strategies– to execution and optimization.

  • We don’t just talk about digital communications but
  • We talk about digital processes.
  • We talk about digital organization.
  • We talk about technology platforms.
All that support digital marketing decision-making

Our Focus Areas as a digital agency

Inifye Tech focuses on rethinking and developing the digital processes that not only drive performance but also close the process gaps between customers, suppliers, and partners with automation, insight, and certain platforms. It also helps in enhancing the brands’ online visibility through an amalgam of innovative campaigns, performance-driven approaches, conversation strategies, and modernization. Our learning and developing agenda drive businesses improvement from our innovation ecosystem.

Digital Strategy

Inifye Tech assists enterprises to stay agile while identifying, investing, and implementing new digital strategies to deliver the brand promise with clear ownership and accountability.

Digital Experience

Improve customer-brand interactions using digital gestures and meaningful insights by shaping brand perception and loyalty and understanding how they interact with the brand online.


Inifye focus is on simplifying, modernizing, and securing the applications and IT infrastructure because these are the main backbone of the company.

Digital Interaction

Inifye engages customers by envisioning and building better services and experiences, go-to-market approaches, and disruptive business models to generate new growth.

Next-Gen Digital

Today is about transformation and disruption, which means the end of ancient technologies and the start of new opportunities. But what would be next? Next-Gen will be about people dealing with and living in a digital world.

Our Motivation

We aim to deliver the best-in-class experiences, driven by strong creative approaches, rooted in the technology, data, and organizational strategy required for operational excellence, seamless technology integration, marketing effectiveness, and business profitability.

What differentiates us is that we offer a full spectrum of capabilities to reach milestones essential to accomplish your digital goals. Our work area is your entire business and organizational landscape comprising of internal and external components.

Our vision is to build an organization that prodigiously expands the threshold of business, outperforming industry benchmarks by maintaining a firm base in this technology-driven world along with new innovation to create value, growing consistently, boosting people to do the extraordinary, and vehemently collaborating with our customers.

Future of Digital Reality Depends on Cloud

In the future, Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality will transform the way we live, play, and work. A key factor in the growth and impact of Digital Reality will come from cloud computing as it requires enormous computing power to deliver rigorous frame-rate requirements, dynamic lighting and shadows, and 360 environments with volumetric data and SLAM environment mapping that has to happen in under 20 milliseconds.

Just as the mobile devices today are able to make use of server-side computing power to run computationally intensive apps like voice technologies, Digital Reality devices will become as slim and as powerful as these mobile devices; a lightweight, functional, attractive display that relies on the cloud to access the world with the wave of a finger or the blink of an eye.

Digital Reality can enhance Government Services

Nowadays, Governments are pressurized to provide more services but with fewer resources, it is unable to meet the expectations of the public. In such a situation, Augmented and Virtual technologies can help Governments to transform their way of using data, help raise employee performance, and more effectively offer enhanced services.

The Government can apply digital reality in
the following situations:

Improve Public Health and Safety

One can see and interact in real-time with the available data on a manufacturing facility, a food processor, or a building to assess compliance. A health inspector visiting a meat packing facility can look at data from earlier inspections in his/her AR glasses. After inspecting, if code violations are highlighted then, she/he is alerted to common problems in similar facilities.

Support Investigations and Case Management

It lets investigators and law enforcement to overlay known data onto live scenes, get expert advice, and collect information. An investigator can pull up a network analysis during a conversation with a proof, or a guard can be alerted to signs of danger in an overloaded vehicle approaching a transit hub.

Improve Education

This technology allows students or workers to access education and training from anywhere anytime. For instance, Government authorities can create 360-degree videos to train farmers or advanced agricultural techniques, help them visualize future crop patterns, and prepare for challenges by simulating unpredictable weather conditions comprising floods or dry weather spells.