Digital Strategy, Technology, & Go-to-market Consultant for Intervas Africa, UK & Asia & Lead Consultant & Intervas Caribbean 







We live, breathe and speak the unique and complex language of digital connectivity in Africa and Europe

InterVAS is passionate about transforming Africa & the Caribbean. Our goal is simple: to empower people through connectivity, promoting digital transformation across all facets of life.

We have been delivering innovative digital solutions that solve real-life challenges across multiple sectors and geographies in Africa since 2006. Our value-add products and services serve every aspect of the industry. Our approach is extremely collaborative, and we love helping our clients to launch different solutions across Africa.

Africa is a huge continent with dynamic and complex demography. We are the preferred partner for Africa because we understand the African market well and we have connections to over 200 mobile network operators. With our expert knowledge of the diverse and varied market, coupled with 13 years experience of in launching services that span across multiple countries, we act as the client’s single point of contact.

Our focus is on:

  •  Unlocking the value of digital value-added services for the African consumer
  •  Helping our clients access the African mobile customer base with ease through our state of the art gateway
  •  Developing accessible and reliable omnichannel solutions
  •  Leveraging our strong relationships with regulators and mobile network operators to get things done
  •  Faster time to market and increased revenue for our clients
  •  World-class project delivery and service management

Many businesses around the world are being challenged to explore Africa as the continent takes on the position of being the “new business frontier.” Exploring business opportunities in Africa through value-added services offered by mobile network operators is a very daunting task, especially when a business is not familiar with the intricacies of executing these services and understanding the African market.

InterVAS Limited offers unique value-added services that support a business’s mission to grow revenue and increase market share across Africa. Our product and services offering for enterprises include:




To empower people through connectivity.



To promote digital transformation in Africa, helping our clients to deliver innovative turnkey solutions to enhance the experience for the consumer and respond to changing market dynamics


Excellence | Integrity | Professionalism | Innovation | Collaboration


InterVAS is at the forefront of digital innovation in emerging markets, helping businesses to grow their customer bases in a profitable way and build long-term value.

Whether you sell products or services directly to the consumer or to another business, our Consultancy arm can help you to identify the most appropriate technology solution to suit your needs and deliver market-ready solutions from the ground up, taking scalability, robustness and customizability into account.

By taking a disciplined and detailed approach we will implement effective growth opportunities for your business. Our goal is to enable you to become more competitive in your industry and respond to changing market dynamics.

Our cross-functional team of analysts, architects, and UX experts will guide you through technical and functional feasibility to validate the solution and prepare the foundation for future design and development work.

Our Consulting team has expertise in:

  •  Mobile Payment Solutions
  •  Database Management Services
  •  Omni-channel Mobile Solutions
  •  Cloud Solutions
  •  Program and project delivery

Collaboration is our way of working and our talented team will always go the extra mile to ensure we exceed your expectations. We are approachable, flexible, and easy to do business with and we work with high energy, intellect, and pace. Our aspiration is very simple: to be the best at what we do and help our clients to thrive.

Why choose Intervas?


Our team of experts has over 20 years of combined technical expertise and understands an enterprise’s unique needs of launching mobile marketing campaigns, bulk SMS communications, and integration services.


Our promise to all businesses is that our 20 years of experience in the value-added services industry has afforded us the opportunity to nurture strong relationships between mobile network operators and us across Africa that will allow us to deliver our services to you in a reliable manner.


Once a service is on-boarded, we are tenacious, in a professional manner, through clear follow-up actions via phone, email or in-person to ensure that a service is successfully launched.