Ocey Phillips – was leading a hybrid remote technical & strategy team from Indonesia, India & Africa bringing the largest Ecommerce startup platform in Nigeria & securing Start-up Capital from VC’S. Delivering not only e-commerce but an online marketplace bringing buyers & sellers together in one place.





There’s no doubt about it: retail has changed and continues to grow at a rate never seen before in the last five years. To keep up, eCommerce has become more sophisticated, and traditional retail has followed suit.

This constant pressure, combined with exciting technological advances, has prompted retailers ranging from the largest to the smallest to explore marketplaces and international trade in order to increase sales and, in some cases, simply consolidate market share.

The use of online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay by retailers can represent a significant opportunity to reach new customers, increase sales, and enter new markets.

Selling through marketplaces, on the other hand, is easier said than done. You can’t just add your products and sit back and watch the sales roll in; you need to find the right platform, understand the competitive landscape, optimize your listings, manage your sponsored ads, and look for growth opportunities.

Retailers can use our online marketplace consultancy service to get unbiased, expert advice on how to do this successfully and grow their business through marketplaces.